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The Allegheny Plateau Chapter of the National Audubon Society has assumed stewardship of the ridges and valleys of the Allegheny Front and South Central mountain ranges of Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful and varied region. Within a 15 minute drive, you can climb 1000ft mountains with temperature changes of 20+ degrees. This means our area has many different natural areas with many different biomes and micro climates, each with their own special habitats for all sorts of plants, animals and insects. 

With all this diversity in environments we find many special places to study, protect and enjoy nature. We maintain the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch on the top of Shaffer Mountain as well as the Dunnings Creek wetlands in a valley in Bedford County. We conduct many outings and events where we count migrating hawks, eagles and other raptors, we band migrating Saw-whet Owls and even study night flying insects. Our members study the flora and fauna of all the natural areas and we have at least four general meetings with programs from all sorts of naturalists.

We invite you to join us in enjoying in the wonders of our natural areas and help us preserve and study these areas. We welcome the general public to most of our outings, events and meetings but ask you to consider becoming a member of our chapter for just $15 a year. Your membership money will be used to help us maintain the hawk watch and wetlands sites as well as projects, studies and preservation efforts to preserve the special natural areas of our region.


Click here to download our membership application.

There are two ways to become a member. Memberships are for 1 year, and your dues are tax deductible.

  1. You can join our local chapter for only $15.00 for an individual membership (other membership types exist). You will become a member of the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society and you will receive The Chickadee Chatter newsletter. All $15.00 of this individual membership goes directly to the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society. Please view our membership rates on our membership application. Make the check payable to the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society.
  2. You can join the National Audubon Society for $20.00 as a new member ($35.00 if you are renewing your membership). You will become a member of both the National Audubon Society and a member of the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society. You will receive both the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society’s seasonal newsletter, The Chickadee Chatter, as well as the National Audubon Society’s Audubon magazine. Your dues ($20.00 for a new membership) will go to the National Audubon Society. The Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society will receive a small percentage of the $20.00. Make the check payable to the National Audubon Society.

In both cases, send your completed application with the appropriate dues to this address: 
APAS Membership, c/o Bob Stewart, 257 Krings St, Johnstown, PA, 15904

Make a Donation to the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society - a tax deductible 501(c)(3)

We are a non profit chapter of the National Audubon Society with facilities in Bedford, Cambria and Somerset Counties of PA. Members come from all across South Central and Western PA. Our projects and facilities are funded mostly through donations from our membership and from individuals and organizations. We always appreciate these donations and welcome anyone to help fund our efforts.

There are several ways to help the APAS financially:

  1. We accept direct donations. Please submit the following donation form with your check.
  2. We have apparel items and other APAS gifts for sell at the Hawk Watch when it is open.
  3. Purchase “Bird!”: An Exploration of Hawkwatching at the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch. $5.00 of each book goes directly to the Hawk Watch Fund.

About Donations for Appropriate Wind Turbine Siting

Although the APAS, as a group, has taken a stand against the development of wind turbines along Shaffer Mountain, we cannot accept donations toward this cause. If you would like to help fund the efforts to keep turbines off the mountain and other environmentally sensitive areas, please send donations directly to the  Save Our Allegheny Ridges (SOAR), P. O. Box 178, Everett, PA 15537. If possible, please include a phone number and email. Donations specifically for Shaffer Mountain (Allegheny Front Hawk Watch) should be marked as such on the memo line.

APAS Donation Form

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Please make checks payable to APAS or the Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society and send with this completed form to:
John Julian, APAS Treasurer
213 11th St.
Windber, PA 15963

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